We have been developing various kinds of robotic systems, such as snake-like arms and locomotors based on the biomechanical study of the real snake, quadruped walking robots, and crawler vehicles. We also have been studying basic disciplines, such as novel design principles for mechanical system, sensing devices, and control systems. We are determined to continue the research and contribute to the society by supplying practical robotic systems applicable for various fields, such as rescue operation, demining and assistance of elderly and physically challenged persons.

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  • Robot
  • Rescue
  • Humanitarian Demining
  • Walking
  • planetary exploration
  • Active Code Mechanism
  • Snake-like Robot

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Active Code Mechanism

Snake-like Robot

As a advanced research of the biomechanical study on snake started from the question like "Why can a snake move forward without leg?", We study about snake-like robot "ACM: Active Code Mechanism". ACM is expected general-purpose functionality in spite of its simple form.

Rescue Robot

Snake-like Rescue Robot

The rescue activity by the hazardous environment has been attached to importance in a time of disaster since the Hanshin Earthquake. A remote-controlled robot that specializes in the usage of the search in pebbles etc. is developed corresponding to such demand.

Humanitarian Demining System

Autonomous Baggy for Demining

Damage with the antipersonnel land mine doesn't cut the back in the world now. The specification of area of investigation "Research and development of the sensing technology and the access and the control technology that supports detection and the removal activity of the antipersonnel land mine from a humanitarian standpoint" of Japan Science and Technology Corporation is received in this laboratory in 2002 fiscal year, and the land mine access technology from remoteness is researched and developed.

Walking Vehicle

Quadruped Walking Vehicle
  1. It can move discrete unleveled land with stability.
  2. The earth point of the foot can be selected discrete.
  3. The leg can be used as movable, an active worktable, and an arm.

We focuses on these feature of the walking machine and study on it.

Planetary Exploring Rover

SMC Rover

We propose planetary exploring rovers that have various forms (e.g. parent and child type rover) or specialized in the usage for the surface of the moon and Mars etc.

Robot for Social Services

Stepping-up Robot

As a result of aging in the society, the importance of securing manpower in welfare and the nursing field has risen. In our laboratory, assistance equipment that is possible to set up in existing communal facilities etc. without special engineering works and can make them barrier-free.